Storefront/Window LED Light String Kits Module

• Preinstalled outdoor and indoor LED waterproof module - Plug and play, flash dynamic mode and dimmable mode function.
• Many different applications - Can be used for home, business, truck and car as an advertising sign.
• Power supply, RF mini remote controller and 1 meter DC extension power cord included.
• Self adhesive double sided 3M tape for easy install is included.
• Adjustable brightness level - Switch to 100%, 50% or 25% brightness mode with click of the button.
• 8 Different dynamic effect mode and adjustable scrolling speed mode
• LED sign is perfect for your storefront window to attract customer and make your store more attractive.

[Product Specification]
• LED Quantity: 3 LED bulb per module - 40 unit equaling to 20ft
• SMD 5630 LED (Super Bright) - 1.20 Watts per module
• Light Source Life: Approx. 50.000 - 80,000 Hrs
• Energy Efficient: 60 Wattage x 8 hours used a day
• 1000 x $0.15=$ 0.072 per day in Edison Co's standard
• High grade commercial LED bulb - Bright (Cool White)
• Made in China with 2 Year Warranty
• 60W DC 12V adapter with long lift

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Waterproof Storefront Window Light String Edge LED Decoration Kits Module For Indoor Outdoor



Physical Cabinet SizeN/A
Module MatrixN/A
Pixel ResolutionN/A
Total LED LampsNone
Frame MaterialNo
Input PowerAC 110V (no transformer)

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