P20 3Color Sign 15" x 40" PC refurbished (SOLD $460)

LED Sign is A Great Investment For Your Business!
This Money Making Machine Constantly Displays Graphics, Videos(Depending on LED Sign Sizes), Images, Time And Your Own Messages, Even During The Day When The Sign Is Exposed To Strong Sunlight. Finally Catches the Customers' Attention, Brings Them Into Your Store Among Others! Imagine Your Business AD Messages on this LED Sign, On For 24/7, Working Hard For You!

"For business owners who are not satisfied with simple text messages .."
We recommend a Full color LED Sign. It has 16 million color combinations to display professional color graphics on LED Sign. The Sign is P.C controlled and you can display full color Videos and full color Photos as well as full color text messages. We have high resolution signs with 15mm pitch, and 20mm pitch, and low resolution signs with 26mm pitch and 30mm pitch. If you are targeting audiences from short distances (from 20ft and beyond) you should select one of our high resolution models. If you are targeting audiences from far distances (from 50 ft and beyond) you can select low resolution signs.

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refurbished sign



Pitch320 mm (P20)
Color3 Color (Red / Green / Yellow)
Brightness2500~8000 nits/m² ( ¼ duty outdoor / 1~10 adjustable brightness)
Physical Cabinet Size15.25 in x 40.25 in
Module Matrix1 (row) x 3 (column) = 3 modules
Pixel Resolution16px x 48px = 768px
Total LED Lamps1,536 bulbs
FaceSingle Sided
Warranty1 Year Full Warranty Included (Parts, Factory Labor)
Frame MaterialDie-Cast Aluminum frame
Input PowerAC 110V (no transformer)

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